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Song List

27 Mar

Here is a list of some of the songs we’ve been dancing to in class:

“Mighty Like Blues” – Benny Carter

“Cheek to Cheek” – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

“They Can’t Take that Away From Me” – Frank Sinatra

“Big Time Operator” – Big Time Operator

“Little Joe fom Chicago” – Andy Kirk

“Frankie and Johnnie” – Sam Cooke

“5 Months, 5 Weeks, 2 Days” – Louis Prima

If you’re looking for more swing music, you can start by searching for more songs by these artists! (^.^)


End-of-Month Social Dance!

20 Mar

Thank you for a wonderful month everyone!

Now, let’s celebrate and go out dancing together! You can invite anyone you want as well, of course.

WHEN: Sunday, March 27th; 7:45pm~

WHERE: Big Apple @ Bangbae Station (Line 2) (Directions: Walk out of Exit 3 and turn around so McDonald’s is on your right. Walk straight. You should be walking up a slight incline. Paris Baguette should be on your right hand side. You should pass an airport bus stop. BIG APPLE will be on your right just before the overpass at the top of the hill.)

ENTRANCE FEE: 7,000-10,000won (free beverage included)

WHAT TO WEAR/BRING: Dress in whatever makes you feel great and is comfortable to move around in. Make sure you have the right shoes (Please see the FAQ page about this, or ask me!). You may also want to bring a bottle of water and even a ‘sweat’ towel. But most importantly, bring your positive energy and beautiful smiles, and get ready to have fun! (^.^)

If you want to meet and go together, let’s meet at BANGBAE EXIT 3 @ 7:45pm. Otherwise, dances last from about 7pm-11pm, so feel free to come and go anytime in between then.

See you then!


Next Class Cycle (April 3 ~ May 2)

20 Mar

Next month’s schedule has been posted! (^_^)

Class recommendations:

If it will be your first time taking swing dance lessons at our studio, please join Swing I and the fifth week workshop, Swing I.5. You may also try the Introduction to Blues Dance workshop – no dance experience necessary.

If you took Swing I this month, I recommend Swing II + the fifth week workshop, Introduction to Blues Dance. You may also be interested in the Swing I.5 workshop. Also, feel comfortable to repeat Swing I (or any class for that matter) – it’s important to get the basics under your feet!

Looking forward to the month ahead!


7 Mar

Here you will be able to find information about swing dance lessons taught at 꿈 춤 스튜디오 (Dream Dance Studio) in Hongdae area (Seoul)! Looking forward to meeting you in class and/or out on the dance floor! (^___^)