Why learn swing dance?

It’s social, it’s active, it’s healthy, it’s FUN! Did you know Seoul has arguably the largest swing dance scene in the world?! There are numerous clubs where you can go out dancing every night of the week. It’s a great way to meet people or just share a dance with that special someone. ^.^

Class FAQ

Do I need a partner?

NO! You absolutely do not need a partner. We will pair up leads and follows and rotate partners throughout class. In fact, this will greatly increase your social dancing ability, and it’s a wonderful way to meet other people also interested in swing dance! Of course, if you do bring a partner and feel more comfortable practicing with him/her throughout the class, you are welcome to do so.

What should I wear to class?

Your street clothes! Really. Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in. *No shoes* in the studio though! So, socks are recommended (for turns and slides!). Also, bring a water bottle, face towel, and your beautiful energy!

What about all those… ummm… ‘flippy air moves’ aka Do I need to be strong?

Air steps or aerials are almost exclusively for performances and competitions. You will (almost) never see them done on the social dance floor. Our classes focus on social dancing. Perhaps, in the future and by request, we may offer special workshops on these advanced tricks, but they will not be taught in our regular class series. (So, no. You do not need to be strong. Hee hee.)

Studio FAQ

How do I register?

There is no required registration process. Just show up at the studio at the time of class! Payment is in cash.

What if I can’t make all classes in a session/miss a class?

At this time, there are no additional classes for make-ups. If you’re interested in using your credit towards a private, please e-mail Shailee.

What if I miss the first class? Can I still join later in the month?

YES! ABSOLUTELY! While it’s recommended that you attend all four classes of a session, you’re more than welcome to jump in anytime.

Other studio policies and class etiquette:

  • Please arrive 5-15 minutes before class. No earlier please as the studio may be in use or may not be open.
  • Out of consideration for all students observation is not permitted
  • Please turn cell phones to manner mode.
  • No food and no street shoes in the studio.


Social Dance FAQ

What should I wear to go social dancing?

Again, just wear what’s comfortable and makes you feel good!

What about shoes?

The shoes you wear are important! There are three things to consider. 1) COMFORT. Choose a shoe that is comfortable to wear! Comfortable to dance in. Flat, flexible, cushioned shoes are probably best. Can you move, jump, flex your feet in them?  2) THE SOLE . You should be able to pivot and glide in your shoes. Avoid shoes that grip the floor. Tennis shoes work well. Dance shoes with suede bottom are popular with swing dancers. You can also get your favorite pairs of shoes “sueded” at a tailor, or, here’s a trick, put duct-tape on the bottoms! 3) THE DANCE FLOOR . Please have clean shoes that will not scratch nor streak the floor. Some dance clubs/studios only allow ‘indoor’ shoes. Most dancers bring a pair of clean shoes to change into once inside the dance clubs. *If you’ve forgotten to bring your dancing shoes, you can always dance in your socks! (Just watch your toes.) And when you’re ready, purchase a pair of your very own specialty-swing dance shoes.

Dance Etiquette:

  • When you’re out at a social dance, *anyone can ask anyone to dance*. That’s what you’re all there for, right?
  • Always accept a dance! That’s what you‘re there for, right?!
  • Don’t “help” your dance partner by giving ‘tips’ or critique. That’s what dance class is for. Just have fun. (Unless they explicity ask for feedback, of course.)
  • And remember to thank your partner after every dance!

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